Work in progress eye I started today 

Getting a $2000 grant for summer classes at Kendall definitely just made my day! :)

Bored in class so I doodled a bicycle 🚲

Ink and Colored Pencil - 3 x 5

In Frankenmuth with Joe for our anniversary  beautiful weather, yummy pizza and a great deal on a new pots and pan set thanks to my mom! We got $1,000 worth of gourmet Calphalon pots and pans for $187.. Plus a bunch of other great stuff…Great day!

I’m in love ❤️

Work in progress. 80% done right now.
I hate oil painting so much!

It’s my 21st #birthday today. I had school from 8:30 to 6:30 which kind of sucked but my fiancé gave me this beautiful rose gold diamond #key #necklace that matches my engagement ring. He called it the key to his heart. He gave it to #me last night so I got to wear it all day. And then I found out after class I won an all inclusive trip for us and other prizes from something I entered at the bridal show a couple months ago!!!! Then we went an had a delicious dinner. The drink was ehh. It was a margarita and I’m a whiskey #girl so lol but it was a awesome day :)

The theme of my class today was Shopaholic so I decided to make this quick little logo. I did it on brown paper to resemble a brown paper bag.

3 x 3

Also it’s my 21st birthday today haha

It’s weird to think about the fact I’ll be 21 on Tuesday

Everywhere I go animals love me :)

A project I did for my Western African Art Class.

 Aale turn everyday items into a culturally powerful object. Aale objects are meant to keep away thieves in African Culture, and even though they look quite ordinary to some eyes, they are loaded with hidden meaning and significance

I made my very own aale out of objects from nature that might not otherwise meet. These include a dried rose, a flowerless stem, a starfish, shell, and lastly a mushroom. Each of these objects have meanings, both historically and too me personally. A rose is very commonly used as a symbol for love. I used the dried and broken rose to symbolize the death of this love. A starfish can also be used as a celestial symbol of love but is also the symbol of regeneration. I found this fitting since a thief in Yoruba culture doesn’t get any second chances. Once you are named a thief you stay that way forever. A shell is commonly used as a symbol for fertility in some cultures as well as an empty shell symbolizing a barren womb or lack of soul. Lastly a mushroom is a symbol of all things strange. That something will happen that will lead to a strange and unpleasant life.

My first piece I chose to draw, as I would have seen it before learning about African culture and aale’s. The objects are bright and full of life. They are exactly depicted as they are in life. However for the second piece I went the complete opposite. I looked at creating this piece as if I was someone looking at my aale and trying to decide whether or not I was going to steal what it was protecting. I would know the hidden meanings of these objects and how they personally affected me. Instead of a pink rose bud I would see a broken and bleeding heart. The petals would become blood drops and lose their joyful color. When I look at the empty shell, dry starfish, and shelf mushroom I would see the death of me and my name and my family. That is why I chose to morph these items into a human skull, the commonly used symbol for death. To heighten these differences even more I did the first illustration on white to symbolize the blankness of knowledge that Western culture has for items like this. And then did the second illustration on black to emphasize the dark hidden meanings.

Pretty well done with the second of two pieces for a project for my Western African Art class. I made my own aalè and will be doing two pieces based on it. I’ll post the final scans of both and a description of more of the idea behind this project tomorrow

Working on the shell/skull/mushroom …

Second of two pieces for a project for my Western African Art class. I made my own aalè and will be doing two pieces based on it.

Home sick this morning. Will be working on this piece today. Considering the project is due tomorrow…

Second of two pieces for a project for my Western African Art class. I made my own aalè and will be doing two pieces based on it.


lordgranty asked:

Ive just started using prismacolor pencils but cant blend very well. Got an tips for pencils?


Yes, very smooth thick paper or board and light layers. But most importantly practice! Hope that helps. Let me know if there’s anything else you have questions about :)